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Packing Tips For Anyone Moving

7 Packing Tips for Anyone Moving Residencies Today

Whether you’re moving between apartments, moving homes halfway across the country, downsizing because your kids are now out of the house, or upsizing because more kids are on the way, you are probably stressed out about the packing and moving process. A lot goes into relocating your life, especially the items that comprise your humble abode. When it’s time to move, you need to do it efficiently, swiftly, and with an organization that makes sense.

If this is you today, and you’re feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Here are our 7 expert packing tips for anyone moving residencies today:

1. First and Foremost: DECLUTTER: There are many, many items in your current home that do not need to make the move with you. Before you even pack, declutter what you have. Host a garage sale out front, take other items to the local Goodwill, or even post about them on Facebook Marketplace. Do whatever you can to find new homes for these items so you’re not just throwing everything away.

2. Make “Essential” Packing Boxes: Our next moving tip is to designate boxes as “last on, first off.” This means these are boxes with essential items inside, like your toothbrush or razor. These boxes will be loaded last so they can be the first off when you arrive. This will save you the hassle of ripping through every single box that first day.

3. Start with Less Used Rooms: Packing is definitely going to upend life as you know it, which is why you should start with the less-used rooms in your home. Go for the storage rooms, guest rooms, and so forth before you get to the kitchen.

4. Complete the Entire Room First: You will feel most overwhelmed if you “half” pack every room in your home. Instead, go through one room at a time and pack it completely. You will feel accomplished and ready to tackle the next project.

5. Use Extra Paper for Fragile Items: When you’re in packing mode, you may want to just throw all of your dishes in one box with barely any barriers. Take your time, however. It can be a bumpy ride, which is why you need plenty of cushioning for these more valuable items. Here's a good place to get rid of some towels.

6. Leave Items in Drawers: With using some stretch wrap, there’s no reason why you can’t leave your dressers loaded with the initial contents. Be sure to wrap it up nice and tightly. This will save you extra packing stress when prepping for your move. ( Don't forget to take out that penny jar)😁

7. Make a Master Inventory: If you really want to make moving seamless, obtain tape of every color and use it to code boxes. You can then file those boxes on one major inventory list so you’re aware of everything you have, as well as helping to identify final placement in your new home.

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