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Moving Strategy: Pros and Cons of Moving One Room at a Time

Moving an entire house at once? That seems so overwhelming! Most movers focus on packing everything at once with Tetris-style efficiency, but then you have to unload the entire truck before you can start unpacking.

Instead, consider this unique approach and break the task up into smaller chunks for a stress-free experience. Pack up all of your furniture and belongings from just one room, move it over to the new place, and fully unpack before heading back!

It might sound a little crazy, but many frequent movers swear by the strategy. Fans of this moving method say that it’s the easiest way to organized throughout the process, but there are a few challenges.

Explore the pros and cons to determine if this strategy is right for you:


1) By unpacking right away, you’ll get more frequent breaks from the physical strain of lifting and moving for an extended period of time.

2) You won’t have any half-unpacked boxes or ‘I haven’t decided where that goes yet’ clutter, so it’s easier to feel settled more quickly.

3) There is less confusion about where boxes or furniture need to go, so you can focus on unpacking the room instead of directing traffic at the door.

4) You can reuse your boxes and most packing materials with every trip! Lower your moving costs with less wasted cardboard.

5) Cleaning is also less overwhelming. You can clean each individual room when it’s empty instead of waiting to tackle the whole house at once.


1) If you’re moving into a much bigger or smaller space, furniture may not fit together the same as it did in the previous house. Make sure to plan ahead!

2) This strategy will require more trips, so it’s really only possible for short distances. It’s even more helpful if you have the flexibility to move in stages over the course of an entire weekend.

3) Hiring a moving company is less effective because you’ll be paying for wasted time while they wait for you to unpack. It’s best if you can recruit friends and family to help you with the move. They’ll only be on the hook for one room at a time, not a whole day of moving!

Make it A Smartt Mov! 🙂

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