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Florida booming with 'deceptive' moving companies as people flock to Sunshine State, officials say


Over three months after moving into his new home in Daytona Beach, some corners of Bill Orrender’s house are still empty.

He was expecting the moving company to deliver his stuff in seven days.Now, it's been over 100.

"I feel very, almost hopeless to a point. Because I don’t know where to turn," he said.

WESH 2 sat down with Orrender, who said the movers loaded up his belongings on May 9, and that’s the last time he saw them.

"So it’s having to rebuild everything at this point," he said.

He said he ended up working with two moving companies.

"I did a Google search obviously and it came up Nationwide Moving. Which I thought that was the actual company that was going to handle my business. It actually was a broker from what I later found out," Orrender said.

He hired a broker, Nationwide Moving Services, based out of Delray Beach.

They then contracted a different company that did the actual move: Confidant Movers LLC, based out of Aventura.

Orrender said he agreed to a price with the broker, but when the contractor showed up, none of the prices matched what I had agreed to.

They had a different contract in hand.

In fact, the new contract didn’t have a total written in at all.

Orrender says the movers weighed in:

"They said, 'We’ll straighten all this out. Just go ahead and sign the paper.’ So I did. I took it at good faith because I had talked to these people at Nationwide numerous times," he said.

Orrender says he also handed over partial payment, a cashier’s check for over $900.

He was told his stuff would be delivered in a week, but then weeks and months passed with no delivery.

The people he had been speaking to? The number was disconnected.

Nearly three months later, he got texts from the companies with a demand for more money.

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