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Family missing half their belongings after movers fail to deliver

Approximately 950 people are moving to Florida each day, according to the 2020 ISG World Miami Report.

Stacy and Jim McCool are some of those people. They left behind the cold, Connecticut winters for Stacy’s health.

“If I shiver, and it really affects the MS and the Lupus because my bones are being affected so badly,” McCool said.

McCool and her husband hired General Moving and Storage (High Priority LLC), a Florida-based company, in late August 2020 to do the move – or so they thought.

“We thought that it was a moving company and then later found out that it was a broker,” McCool said.

A different New Jersey-based company with three different names, Pack Rite Movers, Easy Moving LLC, and Let’s Move America, showed up to take their approximately 80 boxes. Weeks later and behind schedule, and McCool said only half their boxes arrived.

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