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Are all boxes equal?

Are all boxes equal?, No. Boxes not only come in different sizes but in different strength ratings as well as thicknesses. Boxes are manufactured based on what items are going to put into it.With this in mind a used banana box from your local supermarket might not be strong enough to tote your fine china. Buying boxes from your big box store will not be the same grade as you would get from a moving company. Your big box store will usually sell a thinner box which will work but you have to keep in mind of your needs and travel.A moving company box will tend to be heavier and typically last a move without tearing or crushing. So when chosen your box you should considered who will be handling them(lifting,loading,stacking),what you will be packing into them(dishes,books,clothes).Chosen the right size box as well the thickness of the box is the foundation of your pack job.

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