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2. How to Move Safely with Social Distancing

As we all navigate pandemic-related closures and social distancing protocols, it’s important to stay flexible. In most cases, extending your lease or delaying the move isn’t possible, so how can you stay safe? We have compiled a list of precautions and relocation safety strategies to help you move efficiently while also limiting the spread of COVID-19:

1. Prop Open Doors

Enclosed spaces pose the highest risk for transmission. You can cycle in fresh air by opening windows and propping open doors, which will also limit touch interaction on doorknobs. Increased airflow is worth the risk of a few wandering flies!

2. Focus on Masks

COVID-19 primarily spreads through the air, not by touch. Wearing gloves, washing hands frequently, and sanitizing common surfaces is a good start, but it’s most important to wear a mask, especially if you’re breathing heavily from physical exertion. This NYT article explains why.

3. Create a Traffic Flow

If your home has more than one exterior door, you can minimize contact among hired movers and helping hands by establishing a traffic pattern. Carry in boxes and furniture through the front door and exit through the rear to maintain more personal space and avoid crossing paths in narrow hallways and doorways.

4. Ask Screening Questions

Be upfront and transparent with your moving company, family, and friends. The day before your move, call everyone on your relocation team and pre-screen them for peace of mind. The AMA has compiled a helpful script with nine safety questions.

5. Wait to Unpack

Ask your moving staff to unload all boxes in a central location (like the garage or entryway) and thoroughly disinfect your new home after everyone leaves. If possible, leave your cardboard boxes untouched for 24 hours so that any lingering trace of the virus can die off before you start unpacking.

Lets make it A Smartt Mov!

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