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Department of Transportation (DOT)

The federal agency which through the Surface Transportation Board and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration within the DOT governs the interstate transportation industry,which includes movers.



is the moving company providing transportation for the household goods under whose DOT registration the shipment is moved.


An estimate

is an approxmation of the probable cost of the move.


A binding estimate

is an estimate in which the customer knows in advance what the the cost of the move will be.(as long as the amount of items agreed to be moved stays the same).


A non-binding estimate

is based on a inventory of the customer's household goods which provides you with a pricing guideline.This has no contractual commitment to the estimate.Final price can be more or less based on services provided, weight, and the origin or destination of shipment. 


Gross weight

is the moving van and its contents after your goods are loaded.


A Net-weight

is the gross weight minus the tare weight.


A Tare-weight

is the weight of the moving van before your goods are loaded.

Please check back soon for more moving terms.



A carriers provisions, including the rates for services performed.



A detailed list of your goods and their condition before loaded onto van.Your signature acknowledges that the goods has been delivered in the same condition as received by the mover.


High-value inventory

is used for "extraordinary value" ,items worth more than $100 per pound per article are considered high-value.(antiques,jewelry,collections,etc.)


Bill of Lading

A receipt for your goods and contract for transportation of your goods.Your signature acknowledges that the goods can be loaded and released to the carrier.


Accessorial services

are services other than the transportation of your goods.Services including packing,unpacking,and extra pickups or deliveries.At the your request to the carrier for these services are in addition to the transportation cost.


Order for Service

A document authorizing the moving company to transport your household goods.


A survey

is an inspection of your goods in order to develop an estimate of moving charges.


Third-party services

Are performed by someone other than the carrier at the request of you the customer or required by federal state or local law.( items that require a certain knowledge and or additional special handling,assembly,or disassembly.


Shuttle service

Is the use of a smaller vehicle to complete the pickup or delivery.( narrow road,weak or short bridges,inadequate parking area, etc.) Charges for this service with a non-binding estimate are based on weight of shipment and the area of the country. ( Independent smaller companies may have an additional charge of a hourly rate for this service, this services should only pertain to interstate and intrastate moves.)


Storage-in-transit (SIT)

is the temporary storage of your goods in the warehouse of the mover, pending further transportation at a later date.



Packed by owner ( you packed your own goods) - Carrier packed (CP) your goods are packed by the hired carrier


Shipment protection or declared valuation

The value placed on the goods being transported, this is done by you the customer. Thereby establishing the movers maximum liability for loss or damages. Before you sign the Bill of lading (contract) you must declare a value for your goods.

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